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By cordinc on February 27, 2017

Destroy the world that feeds you in Greed Corp, a casual turn-based strategy game that plays similar to a RTS, but with a twist!

In Greed Corp the player is one of four possible factions fighting over a hex map with height. The basic idea is to gather resources, construct fighting units and defeat your enemies. The novel twist is that extracting resources undermines the land, lowering it in height. If the height of a hex falls too low, then it collapses – falling away into the mists along with anything on it, gone forever. In practice this means forces scurry across the map, leaving devastation in their wake before engaging the enemy on what little of the map remains. Initially the game works well.

Unfortunately the game often ends with one side clearly stronger, but the map denuded of resources. Thus the game descends to a slow grind, with one side destined for victory, but getting there at a lazy pace while gathering the scant remaining resources. Later missions in the campaign also have time limits on turn length, which I personally do not appreciate (if I wanted such a constraint I’d play a RTS!). Still the basics are enjoyable enough to keep a player entertained for several hours.

Greed Corp is out on the Steam store for PC only at US$9.99. It has been bundled many times.

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By cordinc on February 26, 2017

Is it a game? Is it an experience? No, it’s The Stanley Parable.

Superficially a first-person walking simulator, The Stanley Parable has the player wandering around their abandoned office building – where is everyone? While exploring, a voiceover addresses what the player’s avatar is doing or thinking, often in a humorous manner. This narrative is key, as it examines what it means to play games and what exactly it means to be a player in such a designed environment. It is intended to be played many times and has multiple endings, but a couple of hours play will uncover most of them. Well-made, thought-provoking and funny; The Stanley Parable is closer to an interactive art experience than a game (in my opinion).

The Stanley Parable is out on the Steam store for PC, Mac and Linux at US$14.99. It has been bundled many times.

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By cordinc on February 25, 2017

After 6 months and 33 posts on this website I have learnt a little about how much time it takes to maintain, versus the attention it garners. The answer: a few hours per week of work for a handful of views. I either need to massively increase the energy put into promotion (currently very low), or decrease the writing effort. As this site is a sideline, it will have to be less time writing. Especially since experience is clearly showing that YouTube videos are much more popular.

Hence my new AGDP routine. I will try to make a Let’s Play review video of a new game every week. I will still post up the video on this blog, but instead of a full review (500-1000 words), there will only be a short paragraph capsule review. For more information watch the video. This should greatly decrease the effort required and allow me to get the post up within minutes of publishing the video. These will be the main focus of this website.

On an ad-hoc basis there will also be campaign play-through videos up on my channel. At the moment I’m a third of the way through Tropico 5. Next I’ll probably do Homeworld or Rome: Total War. These campaign videos will not be mentioned on the blog unless something particularly notable occurs.

I hope (but no promises) to put up occasional design analysis videos with a corresponding post. These will take a longer look at a game I know very well and will critique the design, good or bad. I have enough thoughts on Magic Duels, poker and Eve to get going. Now it is just a matter of writing the scripts. Lastly, when I have time I might post here about board games I’ve been playing.

So that is the new plan, let’s see how it goes…


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By cordinc on February 20, 2017

More turn-based tactical goodness with a RPG twist in Flamberge. Having just arrived in Steam’s Early Access, the game already looks very promising, although it is a little short and needs a touch more work. I look forward to it only improving with time.

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By cordinc on February 9, 2017

Time for some more short reviews of small games.

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